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Walk, Don’t Run, to Prevent Injury

Dealing with soft tissue injuries seems to be part of life with horses. But, there are several steps that riders can take to reduce the chance of injury.  The most important is often the most overlooked. Do you know what it is?  It’s….walking. Yes, walking.  Simple and easy, but often glossed over.  Starting each ride with 15 minutes of walking and ending each ride with 10 minutes of walking can go a long way in helping your horse stay sound. This doesn’t mean 5 minutes of walking then, “my horse warms up better at the canter, so I’m going straight to that.” It doesn’t mean, “my horse can be crazy, so…

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Why Equine Rehabilitation?

It seems inevitable as a horse owner. At some point, we all have to deal with injuries.  Often it’s just a small wound. Sometimes it’s a tendon or ligament injury that makes the future uncertain.  And sometimes it’s a “how in the world did you DO that??” kind of injury. All of these injuries do have something in common, though – they can all benefit from rehabilitation. It used to be that once a horse was diagnosed with an injury (usually tendon/ligament related), they were prescribed several months of strict stall rest.  And I mean STRICT – often, not even…

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