Equine Bodywork

Horse Rehabilitation, Massage Therapists, Bodywork, Myofasical Release- MarylandThe better condition your horse is in, the better he will perform and the less likely he will be to suffer an injury. However, getting your horse to peak condition is a challenge, and muscles are often overused.  Likewise, fascia (the connective tissue surrounding every muscle, bone, organ, tendon and ligament) can become restricted in any area of the body.  Common restrictions are often identified due to specific riding disciplines, but patterns are not predictable. Therefore, during a bodywork session, the equine body is treated as a whole.

Equine Massage Therapist- Maryland

The goal of bodywork is to enhance the overall comfort and athletic performance of the horse.  Sports massage can free restrictions and provide comfort from tight, sore muscles through the use of specific, hands-on techniques. Myofascial release helps the fascia to realign in an appropriate pattern, allowing for maximum strength, coordination and power.