Equine Rehabilitation

Bridging the Gap Between Injury & Recovery

Horse Rehabilitation, Massages, Bodywork, Myofasical Release- Maryland

When your horse suffers an injury, the road to recovery can be long and stressful.  Our experienced approach allows us to provide a comprehensive, individualized rehabilitation program for your horse – all while working within your veterinarian’s parameters.

When your horse is injured and placed on restricted exercise, it can lead to compensatory muscle tension, muscle atrophy and reduced circulation, which can slow the healing process.  A safe and effective rehab plan can help improve the quality and speed of healing over stall rest alone – and most importantly, it can help reduce the chance of re-injury.

Horse Rehabilitation, Massages, Bodywork, Myofasical Release- MarylandFrom your veterinarian’s initial diagnosis to return to full function, Hands on Horses is there every step of the way.  We work closely with your vet and other health care professionals to design and implement a rehab program specifically geared toward your horse’s situation, adjusting as your horse’s response dictates.  Your veterinarian is kept informed of every detail of the program, allowing a seamless team approach to the your horse’s rehabilitation process.

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