Equine Rehabilitation and Bodywork Testimonials

Riding- Equine Rehabilitation and Horse Massage Therapist in Maryland

I am extremely happy with your work. It takes effort to keep an FEI horse in top form and you have a very good working knowledge of their physiology, as well as an ability to ‘listen’ to them to pinpoint the problem areas.

Krista Martinko & Mythic Juma
Riding- Equine Rehabilitation and Horse Bodywork in Maryland

I have been so happy with your services from Raven’s overall reaction to your therapy to the thorough reports you leave documenting his progress, any changes, and any homework stretches I should do to continue his benefit. I also appreciate being able to provide updates on his performance to enable Courtney to focus on a potential area.

Jennifer Drescher & Blue and White Raven
Aleander- Horse Massages and Equine Rehabilitation in Maryland

The horses fully trust and feel comfortable with Courtney so they get the most out of every session. They look forward to her visits! I feel very confident in her feedback and use it to help with my training program. It is an important part of how I keep my horses sound for the long run.

Michele AlexanderFEI Trainer & Competitor
Equine Rehabilitation and Horse Massages in Maryland

Thanks for all your help with Woody this year. The massages really kept him in good shape for the intense show season we had this year, including the USEF Pony Finals!

Susan & Kendall Burdette & Hidden Springs Woodstar
Equine Rehabilitation and Horse Massages in Maryland

Cinder delivered a foal via breech presentation. Due to the trauma of the delivery, Cinder suffered a fractured pelvis. Her hips were crooked and she had noticeable weakness and muscle atrophy in her hips. However, Cinder is making progress thanks to Courtney and proper veterinary care. With Courtney’s help, Cinder is now being ridden in dressage! Thank you Courtney, she would never have come this far without you!

Christine HajekGentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue